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    Are woodstove blowers efficient?

    The new blower is still mounted in the a/c chassis which I wrapped in oak plywood. It's bigger than the insert so it had to be placed off to the left side with rectangular steel duct connecting it under the ash lip. I have found that a larger blower wheel turning slower can produce more cfm...
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    Are woodstove blowers efficient?

    The original blower that came with my nightwatch insert was a shaded pole design rated at 150 watts that fit neatly under the ash lip. It also was too loud and moved too little air. I switched to a salvaged carrier wall a/c chassis with a psc type motor ducted to the insert. 115 watts and...
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    Tools / Tips for Stove without an ash pan

    I used to use a sifter made from a 10" x 5" piece of 1/2'hardware cloth fastened to a stick. I would push all the ashes to one side of the firebox with the steel shovel then use the sifter to lift the charcoal, give it a shake and toss to the other side. Now I burn on a low grate and the...
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    How warm on cold night?

    I'm insulating myself with layers of clothing and letting the living room temp fall to 60 then putting only enough wood in my Nightwatch insert to get up to 68. This morning when I awoke minus 5 outdoors 58 living room 54 bedroom. Jan. 30 2019 was minus 28 outdoors bedroom was 48 . I...
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    Do you know how many BTU's per year you need for heating?

    When I bought my 1954 1228 sq. ft. rambler in 2000. The heating degree days total for the first year was 8074. I used only the forced air gas furnace for space heating and a gas water heater and gas dryer. 91,700,000 BTUs $877 Nat gas for the year. I covered all the windows with plastic film...
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    Chimney fires

    I have a clay tile lined exterior brick chimney with an uninsulated 6 inch stainless flex liner. I burn about 2 cords a year. It gets cleaned 4 times from the top down per 7 month heating season. The creosote lands on a piece of paper on the baffle and looks like approx. 2 cups of light...
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    Elm ok for burning?

    The problem I have with elm is that local laws require that the bark be removed to prevent the spread of elm bark beetles and the associated dutch elm disease. That creates too much work.
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    Cooking with Wood Stove Insert?

    I have cooked inside the fire box of my insert a couple of times. Potatoes wrapped in foil and fish fillet in a covered cast iron pan. It worked best when the fire was down to embers and the food was kept off them. It still cooked way faster than any oven.
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    Rutland 6" Poly Brush and Rutland 18' fiberglass rods

    I clean my chimney from the top. Even with the insert doors and air intake vents closed tight, creosote dust would rise out of the liner and blow on my face and clothes. To stop this I drilled a small hole in the bottom of a 7 inch dia. plastic bucket. The fiber glass rod slides through the...
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    Three green things you can do with an automobile.

    1. Park in full sun in summer. Crack the windows. Place loaded food dehydrator racks under the wind shield and on boards across the seats. Vegetables will dry in a day or two. 2. park in the garage close to the back wall transmission in neutral . Place car repair ramps in front of the front...
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    Free fire starter

    If anyone works in or has family members who work in a restaurant, broccoli comes in wax saturated cardboard boxes. They are easy to spot, due to their dark color and end up in recycling dumpsters where they are considered contaminates by recycling plant operators. I cut them up with a utility...
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    epa non cat stove/insert chimney emissions question

    I revamped a free 1980's nightwatch insert by adding a bigger baffle, three secondary combustion tubes ducted to one air inlet and a air wash duct over the loading doors attached to the other air inlet. I aimed a video camera wired to my TV at my chimney. It takes at least 10 to 15 minutes for...