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  1. Dabug

    Harman hopper defies gravity...

    No issue with our Harman accentra 52i tc insert. Pellets used energetic,lignetics, tsc
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    Haven't found answer to this one.

    My chimney is 28ft , I have gas leaf blower and don
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    Haven't found answer to this one.

    I'm just looking for easy way to clean ss liner in chimney. Not a huge fan of heights.
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    Haven't found answer to this one.

    Been reading up on leaf blower to clean exhaust from top of chimney to pipe out the side of house. My question is relating to harman accentra insert. Can you remove exhaust cover and use leaf blower from that location?
  5. Dabug

    Pricing a Harman Accentra 52i in Ohio

    Every install is different. I paid $5150 this yr for Harman accentra 52i tc insert with larger hopper. Installation of unit, reducer coupling to connect 1 yr old ss liner.
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    Not too happy with our Enviro Milan Insert

    Harman accentra 52i tc insert has been performing excellent for us. I can put fan on whisper mode if noise level bothers us. Haven't seen single digits yet but confident unit will handle it.
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    It's that time of year again. Danger lurks at each stove!

    Nice eye piece if your stevie wonder, lack of education is dangerous.
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    Whisper mode

    Whisper mode on Harman's. Only advantage its quieter when sitting near unit. I'm assuming in whisper the unit is wasting btu that are going out exhaust. Would this be correct?
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    Adding pellets

    Maybe you should keep your smart comments to yourself, tried to do it with 1 arm.
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    Harman accentra 52i tc owners

    Reading older post on feed rate for Harman accentra 52i tc. Topic was pellet consumption and member stated that default feed rate of 65% is way to high. Has anyone change feed rate and if so why?..
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    BigBox stores going bonkers on prices

    Everyone knew prices where going to jump end of September.
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    Looking at 2008 Harman Accentra Insert tomorrow

    I did same this yr, removed wood insert and got pellet insert. Looking forward to less work and steady heat.
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    Adding pellets

    Need ideas on easy clean way to add pellets to Harman accentra 52i tc. Previous we had pc 45 that had better opening, problem wife melted several bags back then. Coal bucket didn't work well,pellets also ended on stove and floor while loading insert.
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    Harman accentra insert installed

    Harman accentra 52i tc installed. Worth every dollar imo. Wife will be happier now that wood stove is gone.
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    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Tractor Supply Pellet UPC Help

    I was up there today, manager said there lignetics. Grab 1 ton to see how they burn..
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    Ash question

    Only problem with pre testing is having pellets in middle of winter when pellets are hard to find.
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    Cheat River pellets

    Local lowes got first delivery of wood pellets. Cheat River.. Reviews and in what pellet stove have you use them in?
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    Ash question

    Been plenty of yrs ago running a harman multi burner never gave ash a second thought. Past winter heating source was oakdale wood insert that needed weekly cleaning. Wife not happy with firewood which made hubby life miserable. Harman accentra 52i tc has replace wood stove so here comes my...
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    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Pa Stroudsburg

    Actually price is $214 not $219..
  20. Dabug

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Pa Stroudsburg

    Tsc offering $10 off per ton & $25 additional for pre orders. $219 a ton. Hope new Harman accentra 52i tc likes them.
  21. Dabug

    Is extra cost worth it?

    Quick question for pellet burners. Is cost of pellets worth spending more for different brands? Hamer hots $280 Tsc $240 ( lignetics hardwood) $240 energex premium. $40 seems like good savings but is it? Thanks for advice
  22. Dabug

    Energex premium pellets

    Never burned energex pellets and wondering if premium ones are worth it.. $230 a ton
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    Wood pellets

    Local dealer has Hammer for $269. Hoping to get better deal. 16 yrs later back to wood pellets for heat.
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    Wood pellets

    I work for city of Easton
  25. Dabug

    Wood pellets

    When does lowes, TSA, HD start getting wood pellets in? Been looking around stove business also with no luck.
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    Harman Warranty starting date

    We chosen Harman accentra 52i tc to replace wood insert. Now dealer mention to either wait closer to July or soon for install. Reason that warranty will be on stove just sitting thru summer months. Does it really matter since stoves sit idled every summer?
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    Questions before purchasing Harman 52i tc

    Today dealer did site inspection. He suggested to do install around end of July. Reasoning is so stove warranty wouldn't be wasted during summer. Idea good or really doesn't matter?.
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    Questions before purchasing Harman 52i tc

    Thanks for reply it definitely help. Stove is replacing a 2 yr old napoleon wood stove.
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    Questions before purchasing Harman 52i tc

    Contacted 3 Harman dealers on quotes on Harman accentra 52i tc. Best price is $5062 with complete install. Questions are, Anyone having issues using cheaper pellets? Is the unit worth the money?. People that have this stove are you disappoint?.. Seconding questing my pick on pellet insert.