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  1. webbie

    Fixing my Valor in-valve spin Piezo

    I installed a separate push piezo - independent of the valve - $10 and it works like a champ. Meanwhile, the entire pilot assembly on my double sided Lennox had failed (the pilot piezo had failed years ago) so I replaced that whole assembly - about $95 for the parts - so now I have two working...
  2. webbie

    Fixing my Valor in-valve spin Piezo

    The wire is silicone coated and perfect - not a crack or a split in it or near the connector. The continuity is when I remove the wire completely and check both ends of it.....with ohm meter. As mentioned, I can hold it in my hand and near other metal and no spark anywhere. I snugged...
  3. webbie

    Fixing my Valor in-valve spin Piezo

    OK, experts...time to help the old expert..... My Valor DV gas fireplace has one of those piezos that is NOT a push-button, rather it is part of the valve (you spin to click and light). It's the right hand dial as shown. I took the glass off and pulled the wire (12) and cleaned contacts on...
  4. webbie

    Why am I seeing an ad that says" need to impeach Trump" on this great forum?

    It's a combo of different things. Since I am logging in from Florida I could say now support Canadian Viagra. :) Years ago I was looking around for a metal cutting machine and that ad followed me everywhere for 6 months! Google does allow various settings - both on the client end and...
  5. webbie

    What was the first Post here / Oldest Poster?

    One can never be sure! But I like to think better of the women than that..... I found this story on my personal web site about How I started. I still remember the excitement.....staying up until 4 in the morning making some little piece of code work, etc. Back then you didn't need much...
  6. webbie

    What was the first Post here / Oldest Poster?

    I think this was a 1200 baud modem (to right of computer) - probably 1986. That little girl is an engineer and an environmental attorney and is over 40. The D on the Mac stands for Drexel, because you could not buy a Mac...they gave them to colleges first. I bought it for $2500 from a teacher...
  7. webbie

    What was the first Post here / Oldest Poster?

    It went like this...... Domain purchased at end of 1995 I think - before that I had my "Stoveworks" (retail store) web site and I sold a bunch of stoves from a listing there. I also posted some info on it. There are some wiki articles and a podcast about the start of (here or links to...
  8. webbie

    Travis tour day

    2005 - I put that together as a pano with a couple shots from my old 5MP Sony DSC-707. loved that cam! I have the rest of the pics...maybe I'll figure out this galley thing and start loading some of the old stuff up that may have wandered off the site due to age (old CMS, static galleries, etc.).
  9. webbie

    Travis tour day

    Ah, here is the one I was looking for - a pano!
  10. webbie

    Travis tour day

    I have some pics from the tour I took back when.....they can be found at the internet archive and other places (Jim has them somewhere buried here on the site....but they were in the old CMS, so cannot be easily found. I will see what I have on my machine from the originals.
  11. webbie

    Selling my antique Stihl 028AV

    I put it in the classifieds here...but it's on ebay I bought it new in 1979 and apparently a lot of people like this W. German model which I think is vintage 1979 and 1980 only. I have no real idea...
  12. webbie

    Earth Day 2015 - April 22

    Ah, the old "That guy over there steals and rapes so I should do it too because if I stop theft and **** will still occur" argument...... China, BTW, is installing clean energy at a unheard of rate and also manufacturing it for most of the rest of the world. In a per capita basis if we used as...
  13. webbie

    1983 Energy Harvester stove specs

    I fixed the URL.....for the first image. I also put them both here.... Click the attachment page.... I'm just a wee bit older than you! I was at VFMA in about 1966....and I swore I would never go into the military afterwards and kept to my...
  14. webbie

    1983 Energy Harvester stove specs

    I have some higher res scans - will post links. This forum seems to resize them Here are links to two images:
  15. webbie

    1983 Energy Harvester stove specs

    Wow, that's great information on the Foundryman! I didn't even know he was the real owner - it was a great ad! I can tell you this much. Myself and some of my peers thought that being a "Foundryman" was perhaps the highest calling in the was somewhat a reaction to the 60's and 70's...
  16. webbie

    New Member, New to Wood stoves, and have some issues with my new to me Forester

    Manufacturer was US stove company. These are very old models so you can probably only get generic parts like gasketing, etc.
  17. webbie

    Jotul 8?? Can anyone shed some light on that stove?

    Well - couple of questions.... Is your fireplace total masonry? (not prefab?) Are you on a slab? How about a pic of the fireplace and hearth. They have short legs available or you can cut the legs but you need to make sure that the hearth doesn't have wood close underneath due to downward...
  18. webbie

    Soooooo - the Quadrafire Mt Vernon E2 just exploded.

    A wood gas explosion - definitely somewhat rare to this degree in a pellet stove.....was just some kind of a "perfect storm". Regular wood stoves probably have enough room in the flue and firebox to take the pressure...
  19. webbie

    Upland 17 wood stove, new member, something looks wrong, here is my detailed question

    My guess is that those changes may have related to the stove they copied from...that is, the Upland 17 (and many other stoves of the sort) were copies of the Jotul 602, which had a 4.7" (actually, metric) flue collar. I think the first Upland #17's (before my time!) may have had 5" flue collars...
  20. webbie

    Ahhhhhh, the good old days. Who do we talk to to reopen this thread?

    Given what some pellet makers did this year, being a PIG definitely was of benefit to many.
  21. webbie

    For Webbie's or BrotherBart's Consideration

    I remember John S sending me a free copy of his book and that he had put Tarm in there also.....I probably should not admit this, but 15 years later I sold the book because they were fetching really high prices online! ::-)
  22. webbie

    Discovery of Fire by Man - 350,000 years ago in the Holy Lands

    I think some honey or berry juice went bad...probably before then. Apparently, people ingested everything and anything looking for stuff that....well, you know!
  23. webbie

    Discovery of Fire by Man - 350,000 years ago in the Holy Lands "Early humans first began to master fire around 350,000 years ago, helping to drive the development of complex culture among our ancestors, new archaeological evidence has revealed...
  24. webbie

    Upland 17 wood stove, new member, something looks wrong, here is my detailed question

    Getting kinda slow in my old age - sorry. Too dang busy with drones......
  25. webbie

    Upland 17 wood stove, new member, something looks wrong, here is my detailed question

    Here is mine from the rear - check if yours looks like that and has the cast iron closing up that bottom part of the flue collar.
  26. webbie

    Oil prices

    Nat Gas higher - electric rates going up 25% in MA and RI - because it's mostly now based on Nat Gas.
  27. webbie

    Old Mill Woodstove Questions

    Definitely would have been! Old Mill started having all their stoves tested by late 1980. The problem was that their "labels" were usually stuck on with adhesive to the ash shelf in front - so they would only last a couple months or years and then fall off or burn off (they were not etched metal...
  28. webbie

    stove id: chalet on the door

    Could be hard to find, but my guess is that it was a model made by Drolet or Archguard since they have that brand name and were in Canada.....I doubt you will be able to find much more!
  29. webbie

    Old Mill Woodstove Questions

    It's definitely a later model as those doors with the brass and window were only available after 1982 or so - and, yes, it would very likely (almost surely) have been UL tested. If I can find anything like it in my old magazines I'll post it...