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    Going solar!

    Net metering was legislated in order to promote distributed energy resources (ie solar production) behind the meter. When the Govt no longer deems that desirable, it'll be adjusted. That is happening here in NYS. Our local Electric Utilities no longer own the Generating Plants. They were...
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    Smart Phone +Smart Home=Safer Home

    Do you mean cellular, or are you a Ham radio operator? I'm not familair with any modern VHF commercial security systems. I ask because I have a cabin in NE PA where cell service is still sketchy.
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    Whole house water filters

    Looks nice! What's your normal supply pressure? And can you supply a link for the "whole house filter"?
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    Just over 100 kw production on my system yesterday

    Moon light is reflected sunlight.
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    Whole house water filters

    So you're shooting for AVG health results, eh ?? ::-)
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Perhaps in another thread you can explain in a few sentences how you define "concentration camps".
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Boy,... you hit that one a mile! We've made so much progress to become energy self-sufficient, while not harming our population by letting energy costs rise to negatively affect our economy. And we've set ourselves up to transition our fossil based economy into one which soon will be heavily...
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Thanks for that NOAA report and that CBS_News YouTube video on Arctic Melting. I did not enjoy the CBS_News video of the exasperated former weatherman who gave up his lucrative career to become a Climate Alerter. When the video ended, YouTube presented 6 related videos including a documentary...
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Ah, "fair share" is a concept we have all been trying to manage since we were 2 years old. Probably was even part of the family table conversation at last week's Thanksgiving get together. How did that settle out? Truth I've found is few are willing to pay the cost of "fair share". What I...
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    Tesla Model 3 Parked in Our Garage

    It cannot be justified on the basis of mpg. But it can be on a "virtue" or "pride" basis. One of my co-workers, young and well paid, recently got himself a $2700 laptop from a boutique assembler. Every single day, no matter what is being discussed, he works into the discussion how fast his...
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    OUCH! (palm raised to forehead)
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    ENRON was a pipeline management company way before they got in the Electric Energy market "game". That's where they learned the game. So who knows!?! What I do know is a "constrained market" is never good for the customer, and a new pipeline or two would drop NG prices in New England...
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    Question about running electrical heating unit in home

    That thing will melt the paint off the walls. Why would you want to do that? ::-) I don't know what the typical house electric service is in Croatia, but a good place to start is to look in the Main Electric panel and note the amp rating of the Main Breakers. Then visit your local electrical...
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    Oil for electric motor (Boiler circulator pumps)

    For sale at Lowes:The bottom of the oil tube usually ends in a piece of felt. When I had the "Big Red" circulators I usually added 5 drops at the beginning of the heating season and 3-5 drops mid season. When I converted from oil to NG boiler I installed Taco 007's and never looked back.
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Welcome back WoodGeek, you are missed. Your above statement really does capture 90% of the consumer population. In my case, I had an oil fired boiler. When it came time to replace it I made an economic decision and went with a NG boiler. In 20 years, I expect I'll make an economic decision and...
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    Smart meters - good or bad or neither?

    My natural gas utility finished an AMR (automated meter reading) rollout about 2 years ago. Lots of problems scheduling reads of basement residential meters, along with increasing slip/fall and dog incidents. Rollout was quick and only involved the small "meter head", not the meter body, so most...
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    Should I use my oil or electric water heater when burning wood

    Any reason why you made the Brand or Model a mystery?... (edit) Never mind, I see in a previous post you said it was the Rheem. Great!;)
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Yup. No doubt the same can be said of us. ;) I would have preferred he use his "green" muscle to convince the plant operators to rebuild the cooling system to use dry condensers. Indian Point was fighting a loosing battle with the DEC to re-license using the Hudson River water. It would have...
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    This thread brings to mind my state's governor Andrew Cuomo. He self declares as a "Green Champion", then applies muscle to close the Indian Point nuclear power station, at the same time fast tracking the building of two new monster size natural gas power plants in the same region. He doesn't...
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    GM/UAW strike

    Didn't get it until I listened to the words. Perfect for both sides. Reality check.... 4th week with no pay. Tough to make that back with only 1 to 1.5% better deal in a 4 year contract.
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    Englander NC 30 questions

    If the fiber board resting on the upper air tubes doesn't pull out easy and appears to be glued at the far end, you may need to run a narrow putty knife up the back-side. I've seen some RTV'd at the far end.
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    Trailer oops! Never had this happen before!

    I see the top of the box beam has some surface rust running forward. I'm guessing the trailer box is aluminum. Is it possible the aluminum bar, rubbing across the box beam, wore off the protective paint, allowed rust to degrade and eat the top of the beam, making the fracture line down the...
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    Tesla Model 3 Parked in Our Garage

    I think you mean most corner auto repair shops will go away. And that's already happening due to the manufacturer's proprietary practices. And yes, Tesla is the king of this. But home DIY will likely continue. Just last month I was doing front brakes on the F150 and noticed the bottom turn of my...
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    Question for the old folks

    That is genius! And it'll save you from any future no-win questions like "which color do you like better?" >>
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    When it's all wrong

    Would that be a testament to the durability of a "class A" exposed to a (possibly multiple) chimney fires?
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    System upgrade...

    I do get the red number over the bell symbol, but I have a few other display shortcomings. Like I can't see the "stay logged-in check mark" in the log-in box. Found out that was due to using my old (comfortable) Vista OS and its out of date Chrome browser. Things look more complete on the Win7...
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    System upgrade...

    Well done!! I found the Font settings in Chrome as you directed, looked much better at 110%. Now, after the adjustments you made I'm back at 100% Chrome setting. PS: I like that you removed the "likes counter", it will reduce the stress for some people who are easily addicted.;)
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    You were doing very well back then! Avg starting salary for Engineers in 1980 was about $20K (or about $10/hr). By 1985 starting salary for Engineers had jumped to $28K (or about $13.50/hr). I remember those numbers were in line with auto workers back then. Today, starting salary for...
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    The NY Times article mentioned the UAW made big concessions following GM's "near bankruptcy-govt bailout", creating a two tier system. Existing workers got to keep their wage & benefits, but new hires start at $17 on a step progression to $31/hr after 8 years. Temp worker class was also allowed...
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    System upgrade...

    Just wandered into the "newly painted" Hearth site. It's familiar enough that I can still find everything on first try,... so I like it! What I need help with is the tiny font size of all the text. I see that I can control the text size in this comment box, but how do I increase the font on...