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  1. greg13


    But soon you can throw that chart in the trash, Tier 5 is on the way! OH BOY, MORE problems!
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    Bought a mill.

    Pellet mill???
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    Bought a mill.

    A friend had a mill powered by a 300 cu/in ford with a 4 speed transmission. I think it was direct drive to the blade arbor. that was 30+ years ago so I really don't remember how he ended up running the final drive. He later up graded to electric.
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    Stihl spits gas out of exhaust

    Pull the muffler and check the cylinder for scoring.
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    I think Emission problems will be the death of diesels eventually, there are already electric and CNG tractor trailers. I have a 12k forklift that has been down for DEF problems more than it's been running, it's on its 4th DEF head in less than a year (all under warranty but still down) and...
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    Bought a mill.

    Assembly pictures would be great too! What are you powering it with?
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    Unfortunately you can and should judge equipment by the rental service, if it holds up in rental conditions 99% of home owners will never have a problem. If I gave you a machine and told you to take it and MAKE the hydraulic cylinder seals leak how would you do it? As much as I hate to say it...
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    I agree, rental is tough on equipment, but to have leaks and shift levers that don't work on equipment 3 weeks old is not abuse. A 36" gas powered floor saw falling off of a roof - ABUSE (and stupidity), Yes we had one.
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    We have two in our rental fleet, new last year, both were back to the dealer for issues within a month of going into service. Older BX (3 yrs old) series had twisted & bent loader arms within 6 months of going into service. SO, yes I will say overrated.
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    My personal opinion is Kubota is over priced and overrated.
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    got to love Mass government??????

    Damn terrorists, shot them all!
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    got to love Mass government??????

    You should only need to go through all of the hoops to obtain a real ID or enhanced licence. You would not have the need for them if you have a US passport. To fly ANY flight next year you will need a real ID or passport.
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    got to love Mass government??????

    And here in NY they want to give licences to illegals, I just don't get it! I just went through a day long ordeal to renew my CDL to an enhanced. had to get a birth cert. copy and 2 proofs of residency (mail from the DMV does not count).
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    Ashful, You should come up for the antique boat show this summer. It's one of the largest in the northeast. I grew up around wood boats and to say I miss them is a major understatement!
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    Ash Vacuum

    I have a Vacmaster ash vac. VERY quiet, but like most other vacs it does loose suction fast due to the fine dust. Look for an all metal canister & metal lined hose.
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    got to love Mass government??????

    As bad as NY and king "anything for a buck" Andrew. Lets make pot legal, sports betting, and prostitution is being talked about. How many bookies LOOSE money? the state run off track betting does. The new casinos (State licenced) are loosing money. Maybe the state needs to rethink ways to make...
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    replacement windows

    You get what you pay for. My Pella windows are 15-20 yrs old and need replacing, they never did seal 100%. Replacing with Andersons one at a time.
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    Circular sawmill identification and value?

    Look into a band mill, lower costs all the way around and less waste.
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    Is this normal?

    Fines get behind the pan in my Advance too, so it may be a normal thing.
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    Lawn Tractor Info

    Do yourself a favor and buy one of the old IH cub cadets. Kohler motors, steel frame, cast iron front axle. All steel body, Bullet proof tractor. My 30 year old cub will run circles around most any new tractor you can find.
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    Harman Accentra Insert combustion blower Wiring??

    Should not make a difference. At the worse case the blower would turn backwards, just switch the two power wires.
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    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    Picking up my 3'rd ton of barefoot friday, same price $260. this will carry me into next year.
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    Harman P68 igniter replaced, still not igniting

    also check the igniter wires for damage (melted or pinched)
  24. greg13

    Harman P43 Heat Output.

    When was the last time it was thoroughly cleaned? I would pull the connecting pipe between stove & chimney and make sure it is clean with no restrictions. If you have baffles in your stove make sure they are clean also.
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    Kerosone fuel for a jet heater - not that easy to find these days

    Any home heating oil supplier should have it. A few stations around here still have it.
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    Harman P52i...Power Surge...Please Help

    I would go after BOTH surge protector companies, One of them should have caught it.
  27. greg13

    Is my Harman P68 exhaust fan dying?

    Try some 3 in 1 oil on the bearings and a good cleaning.
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    Stihl M Tronics

    Electronics on ANYTHING can be (and usually is ) a nightmare. Most of the new heavy equipment I work on is coming through with it and if anything goes wrong it contact the dealer time. They will get to when they can since they are swamped with others with the same problems. Give me old school...
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    P43 -- Knobs quite working

    Any blinking lights on the control board? Temperature Sensor wire come unplugged?
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    What music mode is good for shop radio?

    Your "Radio" may have cost more than my shop.