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    EV Myths

    Last seen here Sept 8...
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    Song Of The Week.... Bring It Back?

    A new band I found on YouTube. Coincidentally their video features places in Texas that I frequented about the time I was there, Lake Travis and the Comal river in New Braunfels- great memories.
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    Good luck. A restaurant in the town where I went to college offered a Master and PhD in beer for drinking all in a long list of beer from all around the world (great marketing ploy). I can't recall drinking a good one from Korea.
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    Best and worst firewood for campground and outside fires

    That's limited to the solstice and equinox bonfires.
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    One for the EV truck fans

    My Tacoma has an inverter in the bed and a corresponding saw kerf in the tailgate. :(
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    Best and worst firewood for campground and outside fires

    My immediate idea for a response to your question though was more like this:
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    Best and worst firewood for campground and outside fires

    Nylon, polyester, Goretex, acrylic, PVC. Most clothes, and especially outerwear, contain some plastics.
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    Best and worst firewood for campground and outside fires

    I find that they put holes in my plastic clothing, sleeping bags, tents, etc. which does excite me greatly. Big bonfires are a major social event where we live so I always wear cotton-based clothes like Carhartt to those now.
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    EV Myths

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    Cabin flooring ideas

    I'd go with a plastic laminate. I've found the better ones to be very resistant to abrasion (we have 3 dogs). For a bath I'd go with a waterproof one
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    instant hot water

    This works. We've installed and used one.
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    Dynamic seals like piston rings, valve stem seals, and rotor wipers are prone to leakage. They also create friction which hurts efficiency. I'd guess the automakers are sacrificing lubricating oil to make overall efficiency gains by decreasing seal forces and oil viscosity. The sticker on the...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    You scared me for a second there - I had the Baja's predecessor, the Brat. I pulled the engine by hand once, no hoist or anything, small engine. Of course I was in much better shape then. Interesting, the seats in the bed of the Brat were there for tax aversion purposes...
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    Landscaping a walkway: grassy to stones

    I like that and plan to use it with my sons.
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    Alt Meat

    I get your point that eating veggies still has an impact but according to the USDA 70% of the soybeans produced in the U.S. goes to feed livestock not people (directly). That's a shame about the clearing...
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    Landscaping a walkway: grassy to stones

    Without the sand or some other fines mixed in with that rounded rock it won't be stable for walking on. The mixture of the rock and finer materials forms a matrix that is more stable than rock alone.
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    Landscaping a walkway: grassy to stones

    In the near term, I don't think killing the grass will make it any easier to dig up. Sharpening the edge of your shovel as @begreen suggested will make things easier.
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    Maple tree transplant

    Also, if 50% of the foliage was not pruned when transplanting it will take the roots some time to catch up with the demands of the leaves.
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    Insulating the ceiling

    In general, loose or medium pack cellulose can be done DIY with big box equipment. Dense pack cellulose in walls and such requires pro equipment.
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    New geothermal going in around the block!

    It depends on the system type: open loop or closed loop. In a system like our open loop ground source we lose efficiency due to the pumping energy lost when water is returned to the standard well that it came from -also our drinking water supply. The returned water falls openly within the well...
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    Insulating the ceiling

    Came across this in the newest Fine Home Building issue:
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    Framing conundrum

    I wouldn't trust galvanized nails (electrocoated or hot dipped) to last in ACQ lumber for the lifetime of the structure in an outdoor environment. Galvanization is sacrificial in nature and the copper in the lumber will eventually overwhelm it and result in corrosion of the base material. I've...
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    Insulating the ceiling

    In general low frequency sound travels through solid materials while higher frequency sounds travel through air gaps. The former can be addressed with decoupling and sound absorption materials like Roxul as @AlberSteve mentioned; the latter by air sealing. I've spent almost 20 years now...
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    A little quiz on climate change

    I'm typically a good test taker. Just aced my FAA Part 107 remote pilot (drone) certification test, e.g. Failed this one though. I'd like to blame the test but can't since others here, whose knowledge I respect, apparently did well.
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    Costco now selling DIY mini splits.

    Thanks for sharing that. Outside noise is a major concern to me.
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    Log splitter

    Not yet, but things are steadily deteriorating in general. ;)
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    Log splitter

    I find I"m just as sore after using a splitter as I am using a maul. I just get more wood split with the splitter per time invested.
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    Electric Lawn Tractors

    It was 48VDC to start with so the conversion was easy, not like replacing the ICE anyway. I charge with the same charger I use on my e-bike. Limited use so far so I'm not sure how long it runs between charges. I'm trying to standardize on 48VDC though as it seems somewhat universal for...
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    Electric Lawn Tractors

    I'm not sure what you mean by "put together" but I did put 48VDC of Chevy Volt battery in an Ariens Amp rider per post My son used it this weekend to mow. I hope to squeeze two of these battery modules in there...
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    Converting a 3-phase outlet?

    Romex or NM wire is now color coded to indicate the conductor size. White is 14 gauge and yellow is 12 gauge. Its the sheath that goes around the conductor wires that's colored. The conductor wires within the sheath are typically white and black with a bare ground conductor. Red wire is used...