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  1. schoondog

    Painting brick fireplace. Need advice.

    John, I am so gonna do that to my fireplace. That looks awesome. Schoondog
  2. schoondog

    How often do you clean?

    Mrs. doggy makes me clean up everyday, after 2 days she follows me around yelling stay outside !:) My stove gets a 20 min. cleanup once a week, but I can take it to 2 weeks if I need to. Schoondog
  3. schoondog

    Our baby has a home.

    That is a great looking setup ! Best of luck with it. Schoondog
  4. schoondog

    Is this a good deal US stove 5500M

    Well here is my 2 cents. I've owned a US Stove for 5 years. Its been a great stove. I keep it clean, use a better pellet, (although it has gobbled up its share of Penningtons, Instant Heats and the one year of grass pellets) and it has only let me down once and it was a fuse holder problem, no...
  5. schoondog

    Enviro parts availability

    Quadrafire mvae or HarmOn 52i
  6. schoondog

    How To Determine A Good Pellet For Your Stove

    I think it needs more air too. Phil do has a Piazzetta, maybe he can help ? Schoondog
  7. schoondog

    Enviro parts availability

    I spoke to Fred last week. He was very nice and informative. He is on my list to buy from. Thanks!! doggy
  8. schoondog

    Enviro parts availability

    Thanks. I love this place. I thought I was getting pushed towards another brand for a reason other than parts availability. Doggy
  9. schoondog

    Enviro parts availability

    Howdy folks, Has anyone having or have had a problem obtaining Enviro stove parts ? Just had a talk with a person telling me that you may wait monthes for parts if you need them. Since I am thinking of purchasing one just wondering how true the statement is. Schoondog
  10. schoondog

    Pellet choices suck in Dutchess Cnty NY

    Nice job !! Gotta be quick to snatch up those wonderful morsels of heat.See your from the next town over. I'm in PV. Schoondog
  11. schoondog

    What is/was your occupation?

    Mine just changed too. After 10 years of building maintenance, mostly HVAC air handlers and such, I just resigned and will be working as a car/truck technician in a small shop. Me and a buddy and maybe a part timer. No more taking it from the man. Now were the men. !!! Schoondog
  12. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Fired up the stove today after a good cleaning and new combustion fan gasket and a stirrer. Ran like she was new. Doggy
  13. schoondog

    Need some help getting UPC codes of the pellet bags.

    false false Results Response from: GS1 US, INC. Number of results: 1 Displaying: 1 row(s) Response Code: 0 (No error) *Hover over column headers for a detailed description. Entity GLN*Company*ContactGS1* Company PrefixU.P.C.* Company Prefix 0094922000002 Georgia Peach Products, Inc. 595...
  14. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Thanks again newf and J. I think I'm satisfied with the size and t-stat now I've heard about them and read the owners manual. I will probably use both modes depending on outside air temps. I insulated the house just before I installed the stove, and windows were installed a few years before...
  15. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Scott, Thanks much. Don't get in trouble. I appreciate your help. I am having problems finding the true MSRP. Didn't find them on either of the websites. Not many if any dealer advertising them either. I am looking for a deal of course, part of the deal is having the truth from the people your...
  16. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Thanks J. and Cleetus. I asked the salesman (kid) about the thermostat supplied with the I60, would the unit shutdown and restart or just go down to an idle. He didn't have an answer. Doggy
  17. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Interesting. I got price of $3,450 today for the GCI60. Another shop 5 miles away gave me a price of $4,300 for the M-55 insert. I did not see the M-55, he will have to order it, 4 days away. The fellow at the Enviro store knew his stuff, still a salesman though. The people at the Regency store...
  18. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Did a little shopping/looking today. Got a few questions answered (not many, I knew more than one of the salesman). Can someone answer this? Why is the Regency $900 cheaper than the M-55 if they are nearly the same stove? Doggy
  19. schoondog

    Why Shoulder Pellets??

    That's a great point that I haven't thought too much about. My inexpensive (cheap) stove needs a better grade fuel to take advantage of all the heat its inexpensive (cheap) heat exchanger can muster. You folks with Harmans superior exchangers can take full advantage of fuels with less energy...
  20. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Thanks Cleetus. I want to stay with a multi fuel stove and the GCI60, Enviro M-55, and Quad Mt. Vernon AE are on the list. I like the agitator idea from the M-55 and GCI60 and shying away from the Quad and its cleaning cycles. The Regency is the best deal economically. I still may play with...
  21. schoondog

    Regency GCI60 what do you think?

    Hey all, Thinking about upgrading the vunerable, yet still performing well US Stove to the Regency GCI60. Couple of questions. I have a 1200-1300 sf. home that is pretty well insulated and new windows. Think the 60 will be too big ? Also I have a fire place that is even with the floor, and...
  22. schoondog

    Pellet choices suck in Dutchess Cnty NY

    Its down by railroad salvage, just past N&S Supply, on the left. I think the road is old Rt.9. Its on the north side of Fishkill. Doggy
  23. schoondog

    Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, NY area

    There was a pace on Rt.9 in Fishkill that sold Allegheny's. Down by N&S Supply. Can't remember the name now though. I think it was a heating/plumbing outlet. All County HVAC Schoondog
  24. schoondog

    Mini Score?

    Nice job. That Harman will love them I'm sure. Doggy
  25. schoondog

    Somset pellets

    YA its gonna be tough. I was told Somersets were going to be a" fill in " pellet for Lowes in the Hudson valley. Meaning that when pellet sales take off and they can't get enough pellets here from other (read cheaper to ship") providers they may send a few trucks our way. With fuel prices...
  26. schoondog

    Just called my local Lowes....

    Poughkeepsie Lowes. I kinda knew the date they were arriving. There may be more coming to Newburgh or Poughkeepsie but not much. If you see em grab em. doggy
  27. schoondog

    Somset pellets

    yes yes they are worth it. Doggy
  28. schoondog

    Tractor Supply branded pellets

    Loved the Hardwood Heats.... Hamers as I remember.