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    Log Catcher DIY ?

    any pics?
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    Log Catcher DIY ?

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    10x12x6 firewood shed footings?

    I built a 20'x10' shed on piers and realized it was a big sail so I built a floor to stack the wood on to hold everything down. The piers were set in a base of stone and still settled when all of the weight of the wood was added. If I were to build it again, I would dig footings and build off...
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    Have wood now

    Although this is usually true, when it comes to my splitter, I can't tell you how many times I've gone out and split for an hour after dinner or even 30 minutes when I needed to kill some time. You can't do that when you have to drive and pick up a rental.
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    is there a log lift option for DHT 22-ton splitter?

    I just found this on another site and will be building it very soon.
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    Utility ROW score

    Better safe than sorry. If I'm not supposed to be there, it will be easy to figure out who/where I am. This way makes it a little harder to track me down. Found lots more spray paint this past weekend!
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    Utility ROW score

    My daughter and I went for a walk a few weeks ago down the right of way and found a pretty good stash of oak. I found time this weekend to take a ride out and see if they had removed it and found even more cut down! So I spent a few hours Saturday and Sunday morning filling up the bed. When I...
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    OTR Microwave Installation - Height variations make it much more difficult!

    I agree! 4" tiles so that is not even 12" above the stovetop
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    Electric question

    Changing to #8 will do nothing, your current will still be limited by the 10/3. If you're running 10/3, stick with 10/3 for the garage space as well.
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    I think I’m done with tarps

    I ran the saplings between stacks for lateral support from stack 1 to stack 2. The 2x4s are (hopefully) enough to hold the ends up because they are inside of the cinder blocks at an angle using them for cantilevered balance (if that makes sense).
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    I think I’m done with tarps

    I ran saplings between stacks about halfway up. They go between 2 or 3 stacks and Everything seems fairly sturdy...time will tell.
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    I think I’m done with tarps

    With the bigger rounds, I typically shave off the bark and cut squares or rectangles with the heart wood which stack great, burn better and fit in the stove easier. This time around, I stacked all of the bark slices in a pile and saved them to top my stacks. I layered them up and hopefully the...
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    is 3 month old wood dried 3 days in kiln "seasoned"?

    Gears are turning...what about every other panel, black, clear, black, clear
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    Why is firewood so expensive?

    Vermont...Bernie Sanders...Poor me...everything should be free
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    Wood racks - framing

    IMHO, you should build a larger building to hold this years wood and then the smaller racks to season future wood. You will use up less real estate and less building materials overall. Doing this will require you to move the wood twice, but your family will always know which stack to pull from.
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    Through the wall fan

    Do you really want to be sitting in the living room and hear someone taking a dump or worse yet, smelling it?
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    Wood storage from scrap materials...

    I think the prevailing wind is a big factor here. It looks as though you have a bit on an overhang on the front which could do the trick depending on your winds.
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    13 Percent in 8 Months

    I hope my post didn't come across sounding negative, I'm fairly new to this whole wood burning thing and have learned a bunch from you guys. I recently read on here that you have to measure across the grain to get a true reading. 17% is dynamite! I have to pick up a meter to see where my wood...
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    13 Percent in 8 Months

    You're reading with the grain,what is your moisture meter reading across the grain?
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    Seasoning wood

    That’s a good beer, my favorite flavor is cold
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    Seasoning wood

    i have 2 years of wood in an open shed I built and have a truck load of logs getting delivered this week. I plan on CSS this over the next several weeks and put in single row racks to season. Should I top cover this or leave it exposed? My plan is to fill the empty space in the spring/summer...
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    Wood Shed Advice Needed

    I built a 10x20 shed floating on concrete piers. My intention was to stack the wood on pallets but I could lift the shed no problem and worried about wind, so I installed a floor and stacked the wood on that to hold down the fort.
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    Anchoring wood shed?

    It's not bedrock, just standard New England soil. 3 inches of dirt followed by tons of rocks of all sizes, explains our "quaint New England" stonewalls.
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    Anchoring wood shed?

    A floor isn't in the budget right now, I'm going to be using pallets for now. The prevailing wind side is wide open.
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    Anchoring wood shed?

    Long time lurker, just signed up. I am almost done building my firewood shed and I'm starting to get nervous that it is a big parachute. The firewood storage area is 8'x16' w/ 2' overhang on all sides. The main roof is 10'x20', it is built on concrete deck blocks and definitely needs to be...