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    New to All Nighter

    New to wood stoves. We have an All Nighter Little Moe in our livingroom. A couple of questions- 1. Why does smoke puff from the door damper sometimes? How can we build fires to avoid this? 2. How often should we have to clean the T cap out? We’ve been burning daily for three months and we...
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    All Nighter question

    Hello everyone! I have an old All Nighter in my garage and I believe it is a Giant Moe. Here are a few pictures of it. I was wondering if it is in fact a Giant Moe and what it's worth if I want to sell it? Thanks!
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    All Nighter Condition - Is this ok?

    Hey Hearth community, I recently purchased a house and have not yet used the wood stove that came in the basement. I'm not entirely sure what the interior is supposed to look like - does this need work done to be safe? Or does it look ok as-is? (Obviously I need to take my junk off of it...