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    Feedback on Attack gasification boilers

    Hi! LOVE Have been following it for a few years now- through my wood pellet boiler, my wood boiler and now- while researching gasification boilers. The Froling and Wood Gun have features that I like...but unfortunately, not prices I like! I have seen some reasonably priced...
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    Eko Attack35

    Hello. I'm a newbie. We are building a new house and I'm going to put radiant heat in the floor, add a heat exchanger in a propane furnace to heat the upstairs, and do some minimal ice melt. Total heated space in house/garage will be 4,100 sq ft and maybe 350 sq ft of ice melt. As this is...
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    Attack Wood Gasifier DP45 Profi Operation/Draft/Troubleshooting Help

    Hi All! First off, this site is sweet & has already helped me fix a bunch of little problems allowing me to run my gasifier all winter (inherited from a previous occupant of my house), so I figured why not see if the smarter, more experienced folks have to say about my troubles. I am not a very...