blower motor assembly

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  1. G

    Earth Stove BV 4000C Blower Repair

    First time poster- hope I'm posting in the right place.. I have an older (70s or 80s?) Earth Stove that I believe to be model BV 4000C. We had a contractor come out to look at it and the blower specifically to see if we could get it repaired. He took a quick look and noted that some parts were...
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    Nashua wood stove what was the original blower motor specs
  3. E


    I have a Vogelsang Norseman 2500 solid fuel furnace add on (Like the one I had on the farm when I was young!). The unit itself will work, been checked, new ducting, etc, but the blowers are shot, and new ones (if available, some sites advertise but nothing in stock etc) are over 300$ each...
  4. maraakate

    QuadraFire 812-4400 Blower Motor Differences from 2006 and 2021

    My blower motor started getting a noisy bearing in my 2006 Santa Fe. I needed the fan, didn't have time to get new bearings and replace them. Got it from the dealer. It includes a new housing that uses threaded screws instead of the self tapping sheet metal screws. They're also smaller so if...