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    Info on Lange Wood Stove 6304A

    Hi there! I recently purchased a Lange cast iron wood stove. I am thinking this model was not sold in the U.S. as I cannot find any info about it online. I believe it is model #6304A, this number is on each of the legs. This community has been so helpful that I thought I’d reach out to answer...
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    Old Jotul 118 - Rear Burn Plate/Shield?

    Hey everyone, I am finally getting my stove going for the year and am wondering about the rear of this stove. It does get considerably hotter than the sides (where I have the newer longer, 3 hook, burn plates). I am wondering if anyone knows of a part that I can use for the rear of the stove to...
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    Old Jotul Parts

    I just purchased a sweet little Jotul 602 in excellent condition.- except that the bottom burn plate is missing. Searching www.woodmanspartsplus.com/ comes up empty. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Or how about another solution such as fire brick? Thanks!