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    Quadrafire Contour Outside Air Kit Issues

    Hello all, I am on my second season using a new to me Quadrafire Contour. Last season I did not have the OAK installed and the windows and doors were very drafty. This year I decided to install the OAK so I screwed the adapter on the back/bottom of the stove. I then installed a short section of...
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    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not stay lit

    Hello all, I have a Quadrafire Contour pellet stove with the old style control board. I am having an issue with it sensing fire in the fire pot from and is not feeding any more pellets from a cold start. What happens is when the thermostat calls for heat the big red light comes on and...
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    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not feed pellets

    So I bought an older Quadrafire Contour pellet stove secondhand. I think the stove is from 2001 (at least that seems to be the date on the control board.) I had it working for a few days but now the auger does not feed pellets anymore. When I plug it in the exhaust blower comes on and when I...