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  1. T

    Got a wood Boiler.... how to plumb/control it with radiant & DHW & Storage

    Hi! Let me start out by saying I AM NOT a plumber/heater. I am an electrician. My best friend is a plumber/heater but he has very little experience with solid fuel boilers. He is helping me with the whole system but is uncomfortable trying to come up with a solution that will do what I am trying...
  2. paul8f

    Gerkros Woodpecker Boiler (KMP) diagram needed.

    Hi all, I'm looking for the Electronic PCB Schematic Diagram for the PX21 burner (made by KMP) as used in a central-heating boiler system (not the electrical wiring diagram, which I already have...) I'm hoping this information is publicly available somewhere, especially with the whole...