1. D

    Hopper Extension for Harmon XXV (Non TC).

    Have searched on this and it looks like it exists, but when you go there it only fits other stoves. Does this exist? Might be useful in very cold weather. I.e. Sub -20. This Winter burning 1/2 bag now. Only nights.
  2. H

    Replace hinge on Accentra Insert

    The hopper lid on my Harman Accentra Insert no longer stays open and I’m looking to replace the hinge. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to remove and replace the hinge? There are three hex head screws on the bottom the the hopper (pictured) which are rusted on and stripped, and I’d...
  3. B

    Looking for a custom built Harman P68 pellet hopper extension!

    I'm not interested in the small one Harman overcharges for. Anybody out there making custom hoppers? Vermont gets cold!