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    Vermont Castings Radiance 2240 NG to LP Conversion, help

    Hello, we recently purchased a Vermont Castings Radiance 2240. We did not realize that we would need a special kit to change it from NG to LP. Now we see it is very hard to get those parts. Is there anyone who would like to trade their LP set up for our NG set up? Or we can buy the part from...
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    Vintage Premier Gas Range Conversion

    Hi all, What a great site this is! Thanks for all the info and expertise available here! I bought an old Premier gas range for my cabin and I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with. Model 600, Serial # 5-74196 1. There is no regulator on this model. I assume I don't need one...
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    Quadra-Fire gas stove exploded!!!

    So I am new to this and looking to heat my back garage. Bought a used Columbia Bay Quadra-fire Aladdin stove. Hooked it up it work for a week on my LP. Then it would light from the pilot and run for a minute the shut off. After that I lit the pilot again and the pilot would not say lit. Let it...
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    Front of valve

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    Vermont Castings converion kit

    I purchased a Vermont Castings 2600 from Craig's List. It was referred to as a propane stove, but when I tried to install it, I learned that it was Natural Gas. I got a conversion kit, but they sent the wrong one. So now I have taken the natural gas part off, but don't have a propane conversion...