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  1. W

    Fixing/Maintaining Lopi Freedom Bay

    Hi, all! First post here. A few years ago, we moved into a home that was previously owned by a big wood burning stove aficionado. We have a forced air furnace, and do not rely on the stove for primary heat. However, we have a ton of seasoned wood, as we live against some forest (I split and...
  2. R

    Keystone bypass damper?

    Hi all, We have a Keystone that we bought new and had installed back in 2010. Changed the cat from the older ceramic one to a newer stainless steel one about 3 years ago. We love it! It's a great little stove and serves us well here in the Missouri Ozarks. It won't quite heat the house on cold...
  3. J

    A Couple Tips I Discovered...

    Let me start by saying if these tips are common knowledge, I apologize for wasting your time. TIP #1: The next time you clean or replace your combustion blower fan blade spray a coating of Teflon dry lubricant on it. It will stick well through many cleanings and can easily handle the heat and...
  4. hearthtools

    A little video I did on annual service on a meridian by Enviro

  5. tmsjava

    Special gloves and other needs

    I assume you can open the hopper to pour more pellets in while the stove is running (we've only run it a couple of times since we got it). In that case, we'll need "heat resistant" gloves, right? Any special kind to touch the hopper while it's hot? (I can't use a regular kitchen oven mitt...
  6. J

    New owner of a Harman PF100

    I recently bought a home with a 2010 PF100 furnace that was not very well maintained... After cleaning out about 40-50 pounds of ash, lubricated fan shafts, hinges and screw threads with high temp lubricant and scraping rust off of just about everything, I have realized (thanks to these forums)...
  7. F

    Slow starting exhaust blower - Avalon Astoria Bay PI

    Hi everyone, what do you think of this? About halfway through the heating season this year, once every few weeks my stove would fail to start. It would drop pellets normally, but after a couple of minutes the "maintenance" light would begin blinking and the auger would stop. I'd turn it off...