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    New to the sport- terracotta questions

    I have read both a ton of info about some using liners, and some not. Not the question, as we willing be using a stainless liner. We have a terracotta lined fireplace in the basement that is enormous, and we want to add a freestanding wood stove. We had the chimney inspected, and is in good...
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    King 5502m Just bought Info

    Just bought a new King 5502m for my shop. I’ve ran it on HR 3-4 on auto. Seems to burn through pellets quick about 2 bags ever 24 hours. I have the air kit and my pipe is a T to 3’ to 90 then 1’ through wall. Wonder what I should have all the setting at to dial it in a little better. Using TSC...
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    GFI55 Pellet Stove Vs Other Alternatives

    Hi, I just purchased my first house 2 months ago and am currently seeing the high costs of an electric heat pump. I was hoping to supplement some of the heating in the house with a pellet stove. I live in Maryland so electric usually runs about .$08 kwh and gas is not an option in my house. The...