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    Is a pellet boiler the best option?

    Hi there! Long story short, my oil boiler and tank are on their last legs, so I'm looking for replacement options. With the price of oil in CT over $5/gal and my house being >200 years old, I'm looking for alternatives. For background, our house has had significant work done to it, so...
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    Large smoke cloud expelling outside from Harman PB105

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help as the pellet stove store near me has been no help so far. We moved into a house which has a Harman PB105 and have had nothing but issues with it. Initially it would cause a large explosion while trying to reignite. We would find the entire basement...
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    Harman PB 105 troubleshooting questions

    My Boiler is 7 yrs old, I clean every week and burn about 200 bags of pellets per year. The problem began when it would start on auto ignition, the ignitor would stay on and feed pellets so that they overflowed the burn cup. When I would reset by cycling power the status light blinks once (1)...
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    Maxim M250 woes, FO troubleshooting

    Hey All, I’m a first time poster. Apologies if this issue has been addressed in the past. Here goes. I inherited a Maxim M250 with a house a couple of years ago. For all intents and purposes it ran last year. This year I’m having a problem of keeping it going. It started out happening...
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    Harmon PB 105 ESP probe- frayed wire

    Hey guys. The wire going to my ESP probe has frayed and separated. Obviously it needs replacing, but I tried splicing the wire and every time that I do it shuts down the system. Leaving only the 3 blink code. If I disconnect, the code continues to blink but the boiler runs. The water is not...