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  1. S

    Boiler/gasifier? Need help deciding which unit best fits our needs.

    Looking for a wood based hot water solution that will work with our existing baseboard heating setup and not sure which direction to take. I've been reading about outdoor wood boilers and gasifiers but can't say I'm in love with any of the options I've found so far. Spoke with a Central...
  2. maraakate

    Lancaster, PA TSC Badged Hardwood Pellets Review

    I was grabbing quite a few of the TSC Hardwood Pellets from the local TSC in Mount Joy, PA. The UPC is 738665000027. Unknown manufacturer. These pellets aren't the best. There's usually quite a bit of fines at the bottom of the bag. They do not jam my auger, but could be a problem for other...
  3. S

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Lignetics pre-season sale in SE PA $259/ton

    Oxford Feed & Lumber in Oxford, PA and Brandywine Ace, Pet & Farm in West Chester, PA are selling Lignetics for $259/ton through the end of June 2016. It has to be paid in full when ordering, and they have to be picked up or delivered by August 31st. The delivery fees are very reasonable; I...