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    Travis industries Avalon remote replacement

    Hi folks! I've recently moved into a house which has Travis Industries Avalon Radiant Plus Small Insert gas fireplace installed. At first I just used the knobs under the insert to turn it on and off and adjust flame. But they were inconveniently placed behind the from cover that I needed to...
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    Help with heat and glo remote

    I have a heat and glo smart stat ii remote in a home I just purchased. The batteries have not been in the remote for about 6 months because the fireplace was randomly turning on in the summer. Now I’ve put multiple sets of new batteries in the remote and the screen lights up green and stays on...
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    Mendota fireplace only lights from battery power - help please!

    Hello - I have a Mendota FV44i gas fireplace with remote. When I plug in the battery back up, the fireplace is operating as expected, but without the batteries, the receiver seems to not be registering a signal from the remote. I have confirmed that the master switch is set to ON and have...
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    Proflame II question

    I have a Jotul GI635 with a Proflame II remote. When I run the insert I usually set the flame at the midpoint and have thermostat mode set to ON. The next time I turn on the insert the flame setting has gone back to Max, the light and split flame modes stay as they were. Is there any way to have...