vapor fire

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    Kuuma Vapor-fire Rust

    Brand new VF installed end of April. Ended up having condensation form and now I have a rust issue. Anyone else run into this and what do I do?
  2. K

    Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Update

    It has been been about two months the KFV100 has been running. While we have had a really warm winter to this point, I will provide how it has been doing. I do not currently monitor the flue, plenum, or return air temp. This is something I plan to do. I have a Onion Omega2 board laying...
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    New Kuuma Vapor Fire Install

    I have been reading posts on here about the Kuuma Vapor Fire for a little while. I pulled the trigger and bought one earlier this year. I was going back and forth with purchasing an OWB or the Vapor Fire (VF). The phase 2 OWB are pretty pricy compared to the Vapor Fire. There are plenty of...
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    2020 epa fire chief fc1000e

    New to this site, looking at purchasing a new high efficiency wood furnace. Not new to burning wood but definitely behind the curve with the newer high efficiency furnaces. I have been waiting for a Kuuma vapor fire 200 for almost a year and talked to them last week and it sounds like it will be...