For Sale 2018 Hearthstone Manchester - Barn Red


New Member
Nov 8, 2018
New York
Purchased this unit in 2018 and have used it for the last 2 burn seasons. It is a bit too small to heat our space so we are looking to upgrade to something larger. It is real shame as this stove is a beauty and can really pump out the heat for a long time.

  • Brilliant Barn Red finish - unblemished except for a small scratch on the loading door
  • Equipped with the secondary air tubes - does not have a catalytic converter
  • Optional right side door
  • New side door gasket installed 2 weeks ago
We routinely get 8+ hour burn times and 10+ hours of usable heat thanks to the soap stone lining. Love the stove just need something a bit bigger. Asking $3,000 OBO located in the Hudson Valley of New York. Retails for over $4k due to special order enamel.