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ISeeDeadBTUs Posted By ISeeDeadBTUs, Aug 26, 2008 at 12:34 PM

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    From time to time someone will come in here looking for info on a wood furnace. I was in Tractor Supply yesterday and I see they had two different models of wood/coal warm air furnaces. Though I've used wood stoves, I've never used furnaces, so I have no idea if they are designed/built well or not.

    A friend of mine that I consider intelligent - he got his education paid for while he rode around on ships replacing circuit boards - was talking about oil prices. He believes that the actual suppliers don't want the price too high, as this will spur alternative fuels. In my world, that equates to supply and demand. The demand for alt fuels is outpacing the demand for oil around here. Hence, everyone is selling wood-fired appliances. I just hope people are careful.

    The increase in gas prices seems to have led to an increase in motorcycles on the road, which seems to have led to more accidents/fatalities. Will the increased [improper] use of wood-fired appliances lead to more structure fires?
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