Batch-burn, masonry heater style boiler?

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Jan 26, 2009
ne ohio
I'm kind of counting down to when my Atmos is going to fail, I think I'm in the 12th heating season with it as the only central source of heat. It's been great and bulletproof, the one thing I've disliked is the sound of the draft inducer which you can hear throughout the main living areas of the house because it's attached to a central chimney that runs right up through the middle of the diningroom, livingroom & kitchen on the upper floor. And apart from the sound, we're on a private road in an area that has a pretty dodgy electrical grid and simple outages from wind or ice events often last more than 24 hours for us.

Anyway, I'm thinking my eventual replacement could be a masonry heater/boiler built in the family room on the lower floor, maybe extending up into the living room on the 2nd. And the masonry and central chimney anchoring the thermal load of the house with the hydronic delivering the heat out to the periphery. Which is kind of how things already operate.

My house seems to already operate a bit like this, a good portion of the brick of the central chimney gets to about 110f when the Atmos and wood insert has been running. Just wondering if anyone have experience with that kind of thing or seen any plans?

Bad LP

Minister of Fire
Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
The architect I hired tried to talk me into putting one in the house when she was designing it. The house itself was a scaled down version of a house I was watching get built down here in MA. She was able to talk that home builder into doing it. When I went to her own office located in her house she had one. I did notice a pile of ash on the hearth in front of the opening. Not sure if she was just sloppy or what.
I'm glad I: a) passed on the idea and b) had a traditional masonry fireplace built because I ended up installing a Jotul Rockland 550 insert after a couple of years that I totally enjoy.
She called it a Russian stove. The house down here has a very small chimney and I don't know what the owner installed for a primary heating source.