For Sale Blaze King Princess Ultra with blower

NGremlin888 Posted By NGremlin888, Mar 10, 2019 at 6:03 PM

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    20190327_162944.jpg 20190327_170433.jpg 20190327_170523.jpg 20190327_170553.jpg 20190327_170613.jpg 20190327_170624.jpg 20190327_170654.jpg I'm selling my blaze king princess ultra freestanding stove that was used intermittently for about a year. It has been sitting out in my shed for 3 years near salt lake city. We used it years ago in northern California and ended up moving to Utah where it has just sat. Has some little rusting spots so the surface doesnt all look perfectly black now due to it being outside so long. I can upload some pics etc if there is any interest. We bought it for over $3000 and just asking 1000 for everything. I'm sure the shipping would be a couple hundred due to the sheer weight of this beast but we can figure all that out.

    Got around to taking some pictures of this stove and wish I had a use for it since I know how good it burns. We only had like 1800 sq ft and boy was that probably overkill for that size. We just fired it once a night during one winter and had planned on using it for years but you know how things go. Definitely kept us warm and I loved burning Juniper wood because it had such an amazing aroma.

    Cat is still in great condition since it wasn't used for too long. Have all the bricks and 3 of them are cracked in half. The bottom of the stove gets 2 layers of brick that are set over the top of each other so just use them there or get couple new if you want.

    Small amount of creosote left that hasn't been cleaned. nothing major. All the seals around door still look brand new.

    First pic shows the small bits of rust that kind of formed over surface sitting for 3 years. I just buffed a bit of stove polish black over them to make it look nice. Could do more buffing if that is your thing but looks like this steel would last about 100 years even where it was sitting without being fired and re-seasoned.

    Blower worked fine last time we used it and it has the full skirts so it can go 6 inches away from walls on every side if you want it that close. (cant test if it works without firing since it auto starts at couple hundred degree temperature). We never really used the blower since we didn't have much square footage and had a ceiling fan in the room.

    This thing must weight 400+ lbs... what would it cost to ship something like that any ideas? 20190327_162944.jpg 20190327_170433.jpg 20190327_170523.jpg 20190327_170553.jpg 20190327_170613.jpg 20190327_170624.jpg 20190327_170654.jpg 20190327_171102.jpg
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