bosca 500 shuts off quickly, number 2 light flashing

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Paul f

New Member
Dec 5, 2021
Hoping I can get some help with my Bosca Spirit 500. Last night it 'shut off' (stopped feeding pellets, both fans continued to run) and display has number 2 light flashing. After stove cooled, fans never shut off. Unplugged unit and cleaned thoroughly (wasn't that bad), behind the teardrops, behind combustion fan, etc. Check the air tubing was not clogged and gently sucked on air hose to verify air valve clicks. So far so good. When I plugged it back in, the fans come on right away, without pressing any buttons. This never happened before and is not normal. If I press the on button and hold down lid button, the auger feeds pellets, but after about 30 seconds, the number 2 light starts to flash and auger stops feeding. No change in fan speeds. I checked the switch in the exhaust, it's open (correctly I believe), and I disconnected and jumped it to see if any change, no change. There is also a temp switch (thats what the manual calls it) that has continuity, which I thought would be the issue because I figured that would mean it thinks the stove is too hot, but with wires disconnected there was no change either, I'm at a loss here. I suspect the control board at this point but dont want to just start swapping parts, especially ones that are a few hundred dollars.. Any thoughts.