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    My stove pipe clearance says 6" to combustibles, but the stove says 9". Which one should I follow, and which one will my insurance company require? Also, I am having a "professional" help me install a new Quadra-fire 3100. He mentioned putting insulation around the pipe in order to prevent condensation, but the installation instructions say "No insulation in the air space"? Has anyone else used insulation to prevent condensation?

    One more thing - does anyone make a 15 or 30 elbow for double wall stove pipe?


    I would recommend following the clearance requirements of the stove. The pipe has a generic listing for use on wood stoves in general, but your stove has been specifically tested under defined conditions - so follow their advice as that's what the building official would normally do.

    I do not recommend insulating the pipe. Air space is a great insulator and helps keep air moving around the pipe for better safety and better operation. Plus, putting insulation on the pipe would technically void the warranty on the pipe since they tell you not to.

    Regarding the offset elbows: Double wall CONNECTOR pipe (the pipe used to connect between the stove and the chimney) is only available in 45 and 90 degrees among all the manufacturers I know. If you're asking about double wall CHIMNEY (usually stainless steel inside and out) then 15 and 30 degree elbows are available.
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