double wall stove pipe and related questions

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Dec 1, 2005
I am installing a jotul stove. The required clearance to combustibles 10 inches if I use a double wall stovepipe. So here is my situation:

I have a 4.5 inch offset. So I have to go up 30 inches, over 4.5 inches to the right and then 10 inches horizontally into the thimble. Making this offset is simple using the adjustable single wall elbows, but apparently one cannot get adjustable double wall elbows. It seems that the closest I can get to my offset is using two 45 degree elbows, which will give me 5.75 inches, requiring me to shift the stove slightly off center. The other problem with this is it is going to look pretty funky, no nice straight up and over, but instead lots of odd angles.

First question: is there any kind of double wall/ reduced clearance pipe that is adjustable or that will somehow give me the offset I need without too much mickey-mousing.

Next element: as my mason and I were breaking through the wall to put in a thimble, we discovered a stud in the way (old house). The simplest solution to this was to cut away the plaster wall floor to ceiling in order to get at the stud, cut it out and put in a header. The plan is now to put in a thimble, bricked out, so its flush with the (soon to be replaced) wall surface. I am going to replace the wall surface with cement board and skim coat it with drywall compound. There is airspace behind the studs and because I have to space it out anyway, I could put in ½ inch spacers between the studs and the cement board. Does this then count as a non-combustible surface? Could I use single wall pipe and reduce the clearance to 10 inches?

I have heard of stovepipe heat shields, but don’t know what the stuff is like? Do they have stovepipe heat shields that can adjust along with the single wall adjustable elbows? If so perhaps a combo of single wall elbows with heat shields and double wall pipe for the straight sections would solve my problems.

Finally, I have a tall (25 foot) interior chimney that gets very good draft (I am putting in a 6 inch SS liner). Should I put a damper on? they are apparently bit complicated and costly in double wall form. (jotul f3 cb)

Thanks very much in advance…
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