Englander 25-CAB-80 Trouble

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New Member
Dec 22, 2021
Cape Breton

I recently purchased a new CAB-80 from home-depot. Love the stove... it's my first. We were going through too much heating oil and I figured I'd get a pellet stove to supplement. It easily heats the main floor and the upstairs. Best purchase ever.

I noticed though, since day one, that on slightly warmer days, my house gets too hot even on setting 1-1. I was just living with this... thought it was just because it was a bigger stove. Then I did a bit of googling and decided to check my factory LFF settings ( I think that's what they're called). Mine was set to 6-2-1. So, I lowered it to see if I'd get less heat output . I did not. It stayed the same. So, as a test, I lowered it all the way down to 1-1-1. I had read that the fire would probably have a hard time staying lit at that level.... again, no change. Raging inferno in there 24/7. She's been burning about 1.25 40lb bags of pellets in 24 hours... on 1-1. It seems like the output doesn't respond to changes at the control board. The fire always seems to burn at max.

So... is my control board toast? is there a diagnostic mode I can enable on this stove to test things out? Or am I simply missing something... this is my first stove so I could be.

Any help would be greatly appreciatedd.