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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 18, 2007 at 12:19 AM

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    We were told today that our chimney flue has a cracked lining. He can spray some stuff in it. The cost to do this is $1300. Does that seem reasonable? The crack is high, near the top, if that matters. Thanks for your opinion


    Virtually EVERY clay liner has cracks in it. $1300. for spraying some stuff in it seems high, but then again I'm not sure exactly what he is doing.

    One problem with chimney sweeps is that they are sometime predictors of doom, an attitude which also serves to put more $$ in their pockets. There are many factors which would determine if your chimney really needs repair or relining...and which job should be done.

    For instance, if it's a small crack near the top, why not simply reach down and patch it with high temp cement, a job that would run less than $50.00

    If you are using the fireplace only on occasion for open fires or gas logs, the repair may not be as important. However, if you are using an older, dirty burning woodstove on a full time basis, a sound chimney is more important. If this is the case, a stainless steel pipe liner may be your best choice...at a usual price range of $750 - $1200 - more if pipe is wrapped with insulation or if flex pipe and/or special adapters are needed.
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