For Sale Excellent Condition 2018 BK Ashford 30-Best Offer, SE NY

ValleyCottageSplitter Posted By ValleyCottageSplitter, Jul 13, 2019 at 8:03 PM

  1. ValleyCottageSplitter

    Feeling the Heat 2.

    Dec 11, 2016
    Rockland Co, NY

    I'm getting rid of my new beautiful BK Ashford 30.2 and looking to see if anyone would put up a good offer.

    It is in very good condition overall. It was installed December 2018 and ran about a cord through it of well seasoned ash/oak. Despite that it looks just like 3 or 4 burns old. Pictures are current condition. The cat was cleaned multiple times and even has a new gasket installed. The performance is great and shows no sign of catalyst aging. We had several 12-14hr burns and it is easily capable of much longer.

    It is a little big for my room and when running very low burns it seems to have some type of creosote smell that soaks through the door gasket. Many people have reported the problems with BK stoves, especially the Ashford. I replaced the gasket with BKs upgraded gasket and it improved a lot. If you have a nice large room to heat and run it on high most of the time you probably would have no idea. It's a great efficient stove in very good condition.

    I also am selling the Hearth Pad. It is a AJ Hearth Standard Pad, 48x48, in Glacier Gray with Gunmetal Grey Metal Edge Band. Thermal protection R value 2.1. Asking $500.

    I'm in Rockland County, NY. At the moment it is pickup only. I have a dolly and other tools and happy to assist disassembling and moving the stove.

    Thanks for looking.

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