Q&A Experience with using the solid commercial firestarters?

QandA Posted By QandA, Jun 23, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Has anyone had experience with using the solid commercial firestarters? They come in squares or rectangular bars and are made by Rutland and Pine Mountain to name a couple. There is also Fatwood available. My question is, are these safe to use in the newer non cat EPA woodstoves.The label on the Pine Mountatin states they are usuable in woodstoves, but also warn "never use without a grate" Well,how many modern stoves use a grate! Thanks for any input.


    I have used a number of these products, from Supercedar to Fatwood and Lightning nuggets. The definitely make it easier to start a fire.

    That said, if one has perfectly dry small splits of kindling (usually construction lumber), it is easy to start a fire with just newspaper.

    You are right about the grate thing. I'd stay away from that particular brand if they warn that.

    As far as catalytics, this should not be a problem. Most firestarters are mostly all real wood and have an oil-based binder. Since the use of cats is OK in automobiles (cars use similar cats) which of course burn oil-based products, there should be no problem with a small amount of wax, etc.

    Furthermore, cat stoves are started in bypass mode, which means the smoke does not usually go through the cat when most of the firestarter is burning.

    The main thing that I found with cat stoves is no painted wood, particle board, etc. Of course, you should not burn these things in ANY stove or fireplace.
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