Firewood stored under deck?

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Dec 16, 2015
New Hampshire
Wow nice deck. I wouldn’t think twice about using that space for wood. Never seen a deck gutter before, very ingenious


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Feb 6, 2009
Mike's World
pitched corrugated roofing panels

Got any pictures or links -- I am thinkin of add something like this to my deck -- Thanks
deck photos ct lake house ipe high deck custom ipe deck builders deck specialists inc.jpg
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Bad LP

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Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
Got any pictures or links -- I am thinkin of add something like this to my deck -- Thanks
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It was over 35 years ago. Long before the internet.
Make sure you leave a space up against the foundation to get a hose in to wash out the debris that falls between the deck boards. Slope @ 1/4 inch per foot is fine.
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Apr 5, 2013
New guy here. I'm slowly discovering the sum of things that I don't know about heating with wood. We have inherited a OWB and are working toward acquiring a wood pile. My first thought was to put some gravel down along a fence line away from the house and stack wood on the gravel and then tarp it to keep it dry until needed. After reading this thread, I wonder if that would be dry enough.

Secondly, the wood pile that we have stacked next to the OWB is very small and the result of combining two small piles into one small pile that would only fill the OWB 1.5 times. However, when I combined the two piles I found a copperhead in each pile. Then I found three more copperheads in the barn nearby. Now, normally, I wouldn't be digging around in the wood pile in the middle of summer and snakes usually go someplace warmer than the wood pile in the winter or they freeze into reptilian sticks.

I won't be stacking any wood against my house or under the deck for any reason because that's where I found the second snake, in the stack under the deck. But, what do you think about storing my wood pile against the fence under landscaping plastic? (Not meaning to hijack your thread or anything...)

I'd stack on pressure-treated 4x4's, pallets, something like that. I do that even on the driveway. It'd take a thick amount of gravel to accomplish the same thing, and eventually plants would take over the gravel, I'd think.
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Aug 12, 2020
Parkers Lake, KY
I'm going to be doing this, when we manage to begin. We're still settling into the new space and working out other parts of our living arrangement. However, this type of woodshed is very workable for us and I have a lift attachment for the front of the the JD tractor to move any of these easily.
mobile wood shed.jpg


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Oct 9, 2019
Very similar to what I'm doing under my deck. I keep two pallets about 6" from the foundation and stack as high as I can. I definitely get chipmunks under them but who cares - it's the woods! Plus our barn cat loves catching them. When I get the leaf blower out I blow behind and under the pallets just to remove excess clutter and any little nests... We did find some Carpenter ants wandering into the home randomly throughout July but that problem came and went.