Fixing up a 6" 3000 RPM 85 CFM exhaust blower to run like new for Englanders and many other stoves!

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH

Here is a worst case combustion blower that can be fixed! Cost approx $15 for new blades!
In this case the blower is about 4 years old and the motor is strong and the bearings/bushings are still good. No always the case!

I pulled it out of a 25-PDV. The impeller blades so brittle they were breaking off! When I spun the blades, they stopped abruptly because the motor shaft bushings inside the motor case were so clogged with dust and dirt!.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Remove the old impeller blades
Wire brush the corrosion around the top of the motor shaft above the impellers and around the set screw. Douse with PB blaster and let it soak in. Then use the appropriate allen wrench or Torx T20 tool to crack the set screw and remove it. Spray more PB blaster in the hole where the set screw is. If the set screw created a crator in the shaft use an awl or screw driver and hammer to bang down the crator's edge so the blades can be easily removed. Then remove the blades. If they are real stubborn then heating with a mapp gas torch will also help.

A pnumatic air cutter can also be used to cut the old rusty blades off.
See my pics here on how to do it this way without damaging the motor shaft!

2. Clean the hub with a wire wheel and spray with "Dry Moly" spray

3. Remove the hub and clean the motor's cooling blades

4. Blow out all the dust in the motor windings with a 150 or 200 PSI compressor.

5. Lube all points where the shaft goes through the Bearing/bushings in the motor and apply ac to absorb the oil.
Very Important ! Use an applicator like the one pictured below to get at these points!

6. Spray impellers with "Dry Moly" spray for added protection!

7. Fasten new impeller blades on the shaft and apply AC to test.

Has anyone else done this? Any comments?

See Pics and Video of finished blower fix. It sounds strong!


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