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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    Sir, I have a gas fireplace installed in my basement rec-room that just started having a problem with staying lit. It fires for a minute and then the fire goes out. The electric starter then goes into operation but is unable to keep the fire lit. I am unsure why this is occurring. Can you point me in the right direction


    This type of problem is difficult to troubleshoot without more information. I'll guess that when you said "electric starter then goes into operation" that you have a unit which uses direct spark ignition, meaning it is hooked up to 110 volts and uses a glowing element to ignite the fire.The order of operation on such a unit is something like this:

    1. You turn on switch or thermostat - power is fed to the electric ignition coil
    2. After a short delay, the gas valve is opened and gas flows
    3. The gas is lit and then heats up a sensor in the unit which "proves" that the fire is lit.
    4. This then allows the coil to turn off
    Based on this logic, it appears that you have a faulty or dirty sensor which is not "proving" the fire. Other possibility - a bad overheat sensor that thinks the fire is too hot..but I'd bet on the first one.
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