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Jaws Posted By Jaws, Nov 23, 2012 at 12:19 AM

  1. Jaws

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    Nov 19, 2012
    Central MA
    Hi everyone. Proud new owner of a GCI60 and new member to the forum. I'm trying to determine a few things that the dealer and installer don't seem capable of answering correctly.

    Firstly - should the surround panel for the stove be sitting flush against the fireplace bricks? I have a gap wide enough to stick my fingers into at the top center of it and closer to the corners it sits pretty tight. On the sides it is nice and tight. The installer says they all sit like that but it doesn't look correct to me. I can see a little lip on the frame that the stove slides into and I have a feeling the surround may actually be designed to slide onto that rather that sit in front of it. I'll try to add a picture of it later if what I'm saying isn't clear. The manual is useless in that regard.

    Second - should the door swing open freely? When I open the decorative door panel (not the inside door with the glass) it rubs against the bottom of the bottom of the stove and will scratch the finish unless I pull the door upwards a bit as I open it. I don't see any bolts at the top of the door to adjust so it sits a little higher, only bolts on the bottom.

    Thanks for any help, this is a great forum and I've already obtained more information here than the dealer or manual could provide. I appreciate it.

    Also - I don't know if it is appropriate to post dealer names on here but I can tell you one to stay clear of in central Mass unfortunately. It was like pulling teeth to get this guy to produce permit info and follow through. I had to call him close to twenty times to get the correct permit paperwork. Then he sends a contractor to the house after telling me he does the installs himself. Installer botched the chimney cap job and town building inspector chewed him out - he's coming back today to straighten that out.
  2. Gary Gileau

    Gary Gileau
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    Oct 15, 2012
    Griswold CT
    This is not something that I am familiar with but if you post some photos I bet the good people here will have some advise.

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