Glacier Bay White/Silver Paint on the Design

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Jan 26, 2011
Central OH
We have a Glacier Bay Insert Wood Burning Stove. The white/silver paint on the front of the stove over the years has partially worn off. Can anyone tell me what kind of paint (is it really paint?) that white/silver is, where it can be gotten, and how it can be applied so I can restore the design to its original beauty?


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Sep 8, 2009
Colorado- near the Divide
Welcome kolector. If you can't find a hi-temp paint to match, do a search for "markal paint marker". Available at your local welding shop. They have a lot of hi-temp products. I'd avoid the paint sticks, just because they'd be alittle tough to apply. The "valve action paint marker" in aluminum would be a great color match and easy to apply- but it's only rated to 150 deg. Now I can tell you from lots of personal experience with this marker, it will withstand a helluva lot more temp. than that, but durability may be an issue. Good luck. JB
Edit- The 150 deg. temp. is max for application, couldn't find a temp. max once applied and cured. I will tell you this, you can mark a steel I-beam and cut within 1" of the mark with this stuff, and it'll still be there after the beam cools down. That's cutting with a torch- gets a little warm.
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