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    I am trying to replace the fan on my Grizzly Woodburning Stove that has gone bad. The windings inside of the motor appear to have had the insulation melted. I don't know if I must replace it with a Grizzly brand fan, if I can just replace the motor, or if they are kind of universal in nature and I can replace it with any stove manufacturer's fan. I would like to make sure that this doesn't happen again so fast because the stove has only been in use for about 6 years and I would have expected the fan to last longer than this. Please advice me where I can get a good replacement fan/motor for my stove that can take the heat.


    You might be able to find a similar fan at Graingers, a industrial supply house that has hundreds of locations all over the US. However, 6 years is not a bad life span for a fan that is exposed to all this heat and dust. If you remove the fan every year and blow the dust off then it may last a little longer. I think some parts are available at:

    RJM Manufacturing Inc.

    (715) 720-1794
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