Harbor Freight Insider Track Membership: Any real benefit to the member?

Beowulf Posted By Beowulf, Nov 30, 2010 at 1:09 AM

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    Ok, so Harbor Freight is the store we all love to hate, but occaisionally they come up with a do-dad or two that are of some use.

    Their pricing fluctuates wildly from "way to high for that junk" to "hey, maybe that's an ok price for what it is." It seems that their multiple e-mails with coupons and the occaisional 20% off coupon from a magazine ad are about the only way to get a "good" price.

    My question:

    Has any one paid the $29.99 to join their insider track club, and if yes, did you get any coupons/deals that really were cheaper than their "ordinary joe" coupons that they flood the internet with? It would seem like you would have to get some hellacious deals to get ahead on the $29.99 membership fee, but who knows?

    Just curious...


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