Harman Accentra or St. Croix Insert?

newf lover Posted By newf lover, Dec 31, 2010 at 6:59 PM

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    My sister and her husband are looking at pellet inserts. My sister loves the Harman Accentra and the dealer (Fireside Supply) is probably 2 miles from them. My brother-in-law wants to look at a St. Croix insert at Maynard Farms in Coventry. While they do sell wood and pellet stoves and seem like nice people, my guess is they contract out their installations and stove maintenance. I did suggest to my sister they ask that question. How easy is the St. Croix to maintain? Do they have one of those rail systems the Accentra has to make it easier to get at? Finally, if anyone has experience with either of those dealers if you could PM me, I would appreciate it.
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