i am a newbe here and need advice.

proV1 Posted By proV1, Dec 3, 2005 at 3:18 AM

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  1. proV1

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    Dec 3, 2005
    I have access to an old schrader woodstove and i want to install it in my fireplace. There is a gas log that runs off propane but it just isn't very efficient. I know the previous owner burned wood in the fireplace but had the gas log installed. I want to install the woodstove in the fireplace. is this safe to do or should I go about this in a different manner? A friend of mine said this is ok as long as I make it airtight . I can have a chamber built and attach it where the metal flue is in the chimney. and from there it would dump intoand up the chimney which looks to be in good shape. My neighbor is a HVAC man and already wants to build this chamber and and attach stove pipe to connect the stove. I hope I am using correct terminology and some feedback would be appreciated.
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    I think you should be asking these questions t to your local inspector. Scrader are old (30 yrs) stoves. Not much to them welded steel no door gaskets and some without a Bafflet plate. Before you purchase it make sure it can be permited. Second your gas line should be removed and the hole motared up. Third check for broken welds and whitish color on the outside and wraped doors, All common symptons of severe over firing. If any of the signs are present I would advise you not to purchase the stove. Compatred to todays 1990 EPA stoves, the Schrader is ineffecient and a beast at poluting
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