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webbie Posted By webbie, Jul 9, 2007 at 11:38 PM

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  1. webbie

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    Nov 17, 2005
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    Well, after trying all those FM transceivers like iTrip, etc. the verdict stands that none of these are the right way to hook an ipod to a car stereo. My son loves his music so I agreed to install an aux. jack on his 2005 Honda Civic.

    After doing a bit of internet research, we found a module which hooks to the "cd changer" port on the back of the stock radio and converts it to AUX. input port. Of course, doing the job would require extensive removal of dashboard parts and the radio console, etc.

    The part that is needed is an PIE HON98-AUX, which is available at a number of sites on the net, but I paid $10 MORE to buy it from Crutchfield.com since they provide the best instructions and support. That is $10 well spent if you have trouble.
    Shows the part......

    OK, so we got the module and went to work starting to remove dashboard and shift-lever trim. It went GREAT, with no problems at all. The entire setup took only about one hour, and now David is cruising with real tunes.

    The big secret to this stuff, besides using Crutchfield whenever possible, is to have a light touch. There is only a bit of difference between pulling or prying a dashboard part hard enough to remove it - and pulling it hard enough to break it. I would suggest doing a job like this without beer and at a time of day when you feel patient. One mighty tug or angry pull and you've got some parts to replace.

    Anyway, I figured I'd post this here in case any folks wanted to install similar devices in vehicles with no aux. input jacks.
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    I just got a new car-a Mazda3 hatch. It already has an aux jack. The buzz on the Mazda3 forums is that there's an interface from Axxess that will provide text info ON THE FACTORY LCD. I think it's a big deal. as in the first. It doesn't have as many features as the iPod, like you have to use playlists instead of albums, requiring more button pushing, and the text doesn't automatically scroll. The interface plugs into the minidisk interface on the oem head unit and provides power to the iPod. It also provides another aux input as well as an XM solution. The XM radio solution, using a receiver by Terk, is what interests me, but I'd have to live without presets, and that potentially is a lot of button pushing. The buttons would also be on the steering wheel however, so that's not too bad. Still, it would be very nice to have the information on the OEM display. I'm conflicted.
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