For Sale Jotul 400 wood stove for sale in NJ


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Oct 30, 2020
I have a jotul 400 wood stove for sale
We used it for the first month this year and went to a pellet stove. That’s the only reason for selling.

the glass was replaced for steel.
it’s a jotul 400.

$900 or BO the cheapest I found one for was $1400 so I feel this is a fair price

AB23432D-7804-42EB-A562-BA4102DEE9E3.jpeg 6EC07356-7521-4936-B818-9F465D08D680.jpeg A4F446F5-D09F-48D8-8A5B-14FF3833D8FD.jpeg D5614D63-E043-4D53-9F8F-55F836F5970A.jpeg