Jotul GF 400 BV to DV?

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Apr 28, 2014
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
New here.
I'm looking to install a direct vent propane stove/heater in my off-grid cottage to supplement the wood stove that is already there, so that when we arrive in winter, we can get it up to heat faster, and/or possibly leave the propane stove running at low setting while we are not there.
I see a gorgeous GF 400 BV for sale used at a good price. However, I need a DV installation as we want to go our horizontally from the lower floor sitting room and not have to install yet another vertical flue and chimney through the ceiling and then the roof which would be way too much work, expense, and space. So my question is whether there is any way to convert a GF 400 BV to direct vent? The Jotul models look very very similar for the two units but I guess there are different attachments and fittings(?)
Also I presume I'll be able to run a direct vent unit without electricity as I don't want to burden or depend on my solar system to provide electricity to the unit?
Thanks, ...Roger


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Dec 2, 2008
Wherever we're parked
I think it's gonna be cost prohibitive to make that conversion.
The two units have totally different fireboxes.
Not sure HOW you would be able to seal off the B-Vent air
intake & change it to the outer of the coaxial Direct Vent intake,
without a total inner firebox rebuild.