For Sale Lincoln Wood Stove-Papa Potbelly-SOLD!!!

Lincoln Wood Stove

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Aug 6, 2020
Lincoln, NE
Sorry. The stove sold. Thanks for your interest.

I posted a little info about it over in the old thread "Anyone seen one of these". I am parting with mine, reluctantly. We switched over to a gas fireplace and I decided it was time to get it moved out of the shed and let someone have it. I used it for about 15 years, bought it in 1998. In the early years, I banked it. Burned a lot of wood though. Puts off a ton of heat. Takes up some room too. This unit is 42" tall at the chimney, 30" round sphere, 12" round door opening, and 37" tall at the top of the sphere. Nickel plating on the shiny parts. Glass will clean up. Some light rusting on the base. Paint job is still very good! This stove needs an 8" chimney min. Will not work with a 6". That large door moves a lot of air. Even with my 8" pipe and way up over the roof peak, I would get some rollout into the room, occasionally.


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