Looking for advice on removing old chimney

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New Member
Sep 11, 2021
Los Angeles

I'm trying to remove enough of this chimney so that I can install a drop ceiling between these beams. I'm hoping to avoid removing it completely and having to patch the roof, we'll be re-doing the roof some day soon and that will be taken care of then.

From the research I've been able to do so far, it seems like there should be some kind of twist lock system happening here. The parts do indeed twist, but I can't get anything to unlock...

I'm starting to think maybe I should just take an angle grinder to this thing and be done with it. Is that such a bad plan?

Thanks so much, seems like a great community you all have going here! I hope I'm posting in the right place..

IMG_2333.JPG IMG_2334.JPG IMG_2335.JPG


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
It is removed from the top down starting with the top section of the chimney. Put a bucket or tape some plastic over the flashing for temporary rain protection. The ceiling support itself is screwed or nailed into side supports and the joist. It is all that supports the weight of the chimney sections above it. This must be removed from the topside too, once the chimney pipe has been removed.