Q&A Manual for Garrison Stove

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Nov 27, 2012

Could you tell me where I could find a manual for a Garrison Stove... We have recently purchased one with no paperwork so have no idea what the dials on the back are for and how best to use the stove! Thanks


The company has been out of business for many years. The dials are the air intakes. Air is brought into them and then down in a manifold inside the stove. It then hits the logs from the left and right side. If you look into the inside of the stove you should be able to see the slots on each end where this air hits the wood fire.

That's really most of what you need to know about draft on this model, but a manual and other parts may be able to be found at Woodman Assoc at https://www.hearth.com/partsplace.html

Link: Parts Resources
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