New Timberwolf Splitter TW-C1

Roxburyeric Posted By Roxburyeric, Mar 7, 2010 at 3:02 PM

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    Just an FYI - In case you haven't heard Timberwolf has come out with a new lower cost splitter. They should be at Dealers this month. My local Dealer quoted a retail price of around $1200. I have a PDF file of the spec. sheet but can't figure out how to attach it. So specs are: 8 tons, Splits up to 18" log, 14 second cycle time, 3 " Cylinder, 1.25" rod, Honda 160CC engine (not the commercial grade engine), 4 GPM pump, total splitter is 5 ft. long, 14.5" working height on the beam, not towable by auto, smaller tires to be towed by a garden tractor/mower, log craddle. That's about all that's on the sheet. PM me if you want me to email the PDF file to you.
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