Older St Croix Prescott thermostat question

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Aug 18, 2020

I inherited an older St. Croix Prescott wood pellet stove with my home purchase, I’ve been running it for a year and just had it cleaned. It runs pretty well. It came with a crappy little wired mechanical thermostat which didn’t work worth a darn, so I’m trying to operate it in “manual” mode while I shop for a new thermostat.

I don’t have a product manual, but I unplugged the thermostat wires and jumped the connection, but that didn’t seem to work well. It would turn on, but not turn off again unless I unplugged it or undid the jumper wire, which I guess now acts like the switch.

A picture of my control panel is attached, I don’t see any switches or anything that would turn it to “manual” mode from “thermostat” mode. Is this model made to only work with a thermostat?

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Sep 25, 2014
Northern Michigan
Manual mode would have a small jumper wire across red and black terminals. With thermostat plugged into red and black terminals, remove jumper wire. When thermostat calls for heat the stove fires up. When thermostat indicates heat is no longer needed stove then takes an additional 60 minutes of idling on setting 1 before shutting down. It's best to run these stoves on heat setting 3 or higher to keep exhaust channels clean versus prolonged idling on setting 1 day in and day out.
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